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A Love Poem for my IDE

Amanda Sopkin on February 14, 2018

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more formulaic: Horrific bugs do shake the base of all my code, And sometimes I... [Read Full]
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So long as devs can fuck up, or eyes can see,
So long lives my frustrations and these give life to thee



Roses are Red,

Violets are Blue,

Red squiggly on import of core package,

NPM install? YES! (phew)...


And often do I curse your name;
And every exception sometime breaks;

I see what you did there :3


The Code is too much with us; late and soon,
Getting and setting, we lay waste our hours.
Little we see in Code that is ours;
We code with our compilers, ah sad buffoons!

(apologies to Tennyson)

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