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Announcing the 0.2.0 release of Analog 🎉

After many months of development and testing, we're excited to announce the first stable release of Analog! The 0.2.0 release includes many features that help developers ship applications and websites faster, with Angular.

This release helps us move towards a 1.0 release while giving developers an opportunity to use Analog. Feedback from developers helps us to continue improve and innovate on the project.

Features ⭐️

Analog is the meta-framework built on top of Angular. Here are some of its features, including:

Community 🤓

Thank to you all the contributors to the project, whether its been through code, documentation, tests, or even just trying out the project.

The project already has close to 1500 stars on GitHub, 300+ members on Discord, 900+ followers on Twitter, and was accepted into the first GitHub Accelerator Cohort. This only the beginning, as we look forward to continuing to improve the project and grow the community around it.

If you'd like to take Analog for a spin, check out this blog post on Building a Blog with Analog and Angular. If you want to get involved in the project, check out the GitHub repo.

Partner with Analog 🤝

We are looking for companies to partner with on the Analog project to support development of the project. Thanks to Snyder Technologies for being an early adopter and promoter of Analog.

Find out more information on our partnership opportunities or reach out directly to sponsor[at]

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Luis Castro

Great news this is only the beginning

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Brandon Roberts


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Lars Rye Jeppesen


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Daniel Jancar

Love the work your doing. Keep on!

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Cristhian Ferrufino

Interesting more and more frameworks adopting the "Filesystem-based routing"  congrats 👏 on the release