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Discussion on: Where do you cross-post?

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Andrew Brown 🇨🇦 • Edited

I haven't had much time to make articles since I have been busy with video content, but if I were to blog high-quality posts I want to have it on my own domain name now.

When you are starting you and just building a base, you don't worry about the long-term by my mindset is shifting.

I just use Hashnode as my primary blog now because it respects canonical URLs, Hashnode supports custom domains meaning they canonical URLs Hashnode generates will have my domain and I honestly like their editor.

So my strategy is to post on my own domain and then use the Medium import tool, then I will create micro-content on Linked In and Twitter.

I currently don't cross-post to DEV because I am uncertain if DEV is implementing canonical URLs correctly. Another AWS Hero pointed this out to me when I was trying to onboard them to DEV.

Also, DEV has another page it generates off your articles called comments that abridges your article showing a comments tree below it and this page is outranking my own articles because DEV doesn't point a canonical URL to your DEV or the original article.

I don't suspect anything malicious by DEV but I see these two issues as a hindrance to growing my own brand. I'm starting to care more about my organic traffic building up my domain's reputation and I put a lot of effort into my articles.

So I use DEV more like a watercooler now to engage with users, or I will make content on DEV that I am not using for long-term growth. Which is fine because DEV is a forum and I suppose it's not a blogging publication. So hate here, just have to adapt and understand how each platform works.

I have never been able to get Instagram to work. I am in awe of Samantha Ming's use of Instagram.

One place I cross-post is in many Discord and Slack channels and that has been a hidden viewership stream for me. I would like to start a newsletter one day, but time is limited LOL.

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Waylon Walker Author

I am also in awe of @samanthaming 's amazing instagram content.

Thanks for the insights. I've been thinking about hashnode since you had mentioned it to me. I really like the format/platform. I really like how you own the domain, and they own the main feed. You can get up and going with a ton of features so easily.

🤞 Hopefully DEV fixes those features soon, they have such a great community here.

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Samantha Ming

Thank you to you both for the kind words 💛 I'll do my best to continue to keep my content awe-worthy 😄

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