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Where do you cross-post?

waylonwalker profile image Waylon Walker ・1 min read

Do you cross-post/share anywhere other than DEV?

  • Personal Site?
  • Hashnode
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn Article (not post)

Share your experience, and whether cross-posting to anywhere else has helped build your community and drive meaningful engagement.

My current Process

I currently post all articles to my personal site waylonwalker.com, and they show up in my DEV dashboard as a draft. I fix the missing cover image, and language from code blocks and post when ready.

Some posts stop here.

Flagship posts get shared heavily

  • Twitter
  • DEV
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsletter

For flagship posts, I make sure that I share it to Twitter and LinkedIn.

My Twitter account is small beans so it drives very little engagement, that's hardly worth the effort. The same core friends that I have on Twitter also are connected on LinkedIn anyways.

For LinkedIn, I make sure that I summarize the article in 800-1300 characters, as I anticipate most people just read the summary on LinkedIn and move on without clicking the article.

I also attempt to keep up a monthly newsletter where I share all of my articles.


Share with us if you have found benefit from cross-posting or sharing your articles somewhere else.

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Hey @waylonwalker , great discussion topic – it got certainly got me me thinking!

The single source of truth for my articles will always be my self-hosted blog. I'm a fan and proponent of the #indieweb – I think it's important that we own our content. It also provides a great platform for experimentation and self-expression that I often don't get the opportunity to indulge in on commercial projects.

That said, reach is a big issue and unless you've already garnered an audience that either frequently checks your website or receives updates via RSS, a newsletter, or Social Media, it can often feel like shouting into a void.

POSSE is a great pattern – whether automated, semi-automated, or entirely manual – for owning your content, but increasing the chances of it actually reaching your audience.

For a while now I've been using GitHub Actions to syndicate my posts to DEV. I used to use the RSS sync feature, but there's far too much manual tweaking required after their HTML -> Markdown transformation step.

Your post introduced me to Hashnode and I'm now in the process of setting up a publication there so that I can begin syndicating my content to a 2nd platform.

I usually promote my articles on Twitter, but get little interaction these days (perhaps due to my limited use of the platform in general). I'll be sure to muster the courage to post to Reddit one of these days, too 😉

Thanks for the food for thought 👍


I really like the #indieweb, and the POSSE pattern! I am trying to do better at consistently posting this year. That has skyrocketed my engagement/audience from where it was. There is no hack that makes up for not putting the work in.

I also just set up hashnode. It seems really cool, but I was a bit hesitant to maintain comments/community on even more platforms, but I am going to make the jump.

How do you syndicate with Actions! I would love to do this. The RSS feed misses my cover image and all of the language blocks.


Really good point about consistency – I wonder what the psychology is there? Are people more likely to follow if there's some guarantee of seeing fresh content regularly?

Regarding Hashnode, it seems like there's a history between DEV and itself. I have to say that the overall user experience on Hashnode feels somewhat lacking. It opens far too many links in new tabs and there are very apparent "seams" between the Hashnode site and individual publications. I've cross-posted a single article for now and will take some more time to evaluate the platform before setting up any automated syndication I think.

I'll tidy-up the Action, push it to GitHub, and then post a link to this thread so that you can get the general idea 👍


Your site looks really good by the way.


Thanks Waylon, yours too 👍 Great job on all the articles 👏


Hey Waylon,

Great topic:

My current process

  • Every morning I publish my draft git to my master, which will deploy my site.
  • Check my site if everything is looking good
  • Then i'll make a social message in notepad
  • Push this message with my social image to Twitter
  • Make my Facebook post and boost for 1 euro!
  • Post to LinkedIn
  • Send out my Mailing list
  • Publish to Hashnode (Currently manually, because fixing the issues took too long)
  • Publish to Dev.to (Currently manually, because fixing the issues took too long)

That's about it, it's my every morning routine!


That is quite the Morning routine! This seems like a lot of work. Props to you for putting full effort in!

Are you getting good engagement from fully posting to Your site, DEV, and Hashnode?


Hey yeah,

My own site slowed down a bit on comments, Hashnode is pushing me to fully migrate to them, but I really don't see the benefit (expect for them positioning you better).
And dev.to actually has the most engagement in comments and views.

Looks like a lot, but takes me 10 minutes, good workflow and prep I think

I'm sure there is a rhythm to it that goes quickly.

I just added a hashnode subdomain to my domain. I will see where it goes. If I would have found it years ago I would have started with it and been happy, but now that I have built out my own site. I have come to enjoy the process of creating something for myself from scratch. Its really hard to avoid completely yak shaving and never posting, but I try to focus on the content first.


I post on my website then cross-post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube (comment section) and Instagram. I am on LinkedIn and Twitter the most. I do believe that my visibility on these two platforms plus participating in #100DaysofCloud on Twitter have helped me get an AWS networking online invite.


Instagram is one that I had just thought of later, I am actually surprised to see this is the only mention so far.

What tips do you have for posting to Instagram? Do you pull quotes or content?


I post a video created on my cell phone and upload it onto my IG feed and IG stories. In my IG feed, I add the article link. You can also go on IG Live using your phone then save your live to IGTV (Instagram TV) where you can add your article in the summary page. Instagram is big with the hashtags. That's how people find my content.


@waylon, my process is very similar to yours. The only main difference is that I don't send
any newsletter for now yet. But it's a great suggestion.

I used to have a blog in the past and it was a great time because I made so many friends through it. But I just start a new blog some months ago and I'm trying to find a good way to make people know it. I like the audience that Dev.to has been providing , but I also try to join some GitHub discussions , being present in some slack channels and Twitter as well. By doing this, I'm trying to find what's the best subject that people interact with.

Wow. There are so many interesting suggestions in the comments:

  • Reddit
  • YouTube channel
  • hashnode

I am still learning the newsletter thing. I have built up a shadow newsletter over the past few months. I was trying to make it a weekly frequency, but that proved difficult to stay ahead of and some subscribers got ahead of me.

I recently changed up all the postings to be monthly.


I've never heard about shadow newsletter before; that's a great idea. I subscribed into your newsletter to follow your emails. 😉

🎉🎉. Awesome, glad to have you aboard


I cross post on the following sites:

  • Reddit - When I post on I have more reach
  • Linkedin - Post there but not many people read the posts when I do that
  • Twitter - I mention my posts there but the engagement is super low.
  • Dev.to - I post here just because I like the community, but also low engagement

I think that the best crossposting site would be reddit, there are lots of users and if you post it in a relevant topic people will be interested. I think that twitter is the worst for engagement. For me twitter is deceptive because you see people with 20K followers but when you see their posts they have around 30 likes or 5 retweets (low engagement). And the community isn't that welcoming/friendly.

I really want Dev.to to grow, the community here is much more welcoming than in any other site, which is why I tend to visit and also comment on people's posts


I have never tried reddit but twitter is quite engaging for me. It depends how often do you post and with what hast tags. Though I have created a bot which picks the posts from my blog and posts on Twitter thus reducing my manual work.


I had created a bot for mine at one point, but took it down as it started posting missing content. I built mine from the rss feed and a service that I can't remember right now. Going back I might do it with actions.


Any tips on reddit? I know nothing about it. I've tried to post there and go no engagement. Next time I tried to post I didn't even have enough karma.

I think they are all what you make of them. They definitely have their own quirks, but it seems that to build a community and engagement you need to be engaged and put the work in.

The DEV community has been the best to me as well 😉


It'll depend on the subreddit. For example, I write mostly on topics related to Swift. The Swift subreddit allows you to write posts, there are some subreddits that only let you share links (you can later add some description in a comment), so you will have to adapt. I tend to write a an excerpt of the post and give the key concept, and post the link to my full article on my site for anyone really interested.

If you look at the number of upvotes you might get tricked into thinking that it doesn't have much impact, but check your site statistics and it might tell a different story. And also a lot of people don't like to interact in public but they do read your content. Reddit has such a big number of users you get more exposure.

Thanks for the tips, those are really helpful for those of us yet to understand reddit.


I haven't had much time to make articles since I have been busy with video content, but if I were to blog high-quality posts I want to have it on my own domain name now.

When you are starting you and just building a base, you don't worry about the long-term by my mindset is shifting.

I just use Hashnode as my primary blog now because it respects canonical URLs, Hashnode supports custom domains meaning they canonical URLs Hashnode generates will have my domain and I honestly like their editor.

So my strategy is to post on my own domain and then use the Medium import tool, then I will create micro-content on Linked In and Twitter.

I currently don't cross-post to DEV because I am uncertain if DEV is implementing canonical URLs correctly. Another AWS Hero pointed this out to me when I was trying to onboard them to DEV. github.com/forem/forem/issues/9509

Also, DEV has another page it generates off your articles called comments that abridges your article showing a comments tree below it and this page is outranking my own articles because DEV doesn't point a canonical URL to your DEV or the original article.

I don't suspect anything malicious by DEV but I see these two issues as a hindrance to growing my own brand. I'm starting to care more about my organic traffic building up my domain's reputation and I put a lot of effort into my articles.

So I use DEV more like a watercooler now to engage with users, or I will make content on DEV that I am not using for long-term growth. Which is fine because DEV is a forum and I suppose it's not a blogging publication. So hate here, just have to adapt and understand how each platform works.

I have never been able to get Instagram to work. I am in awe of Samantha Ming's use of Instagram.

One place I cross-post is in many Discord and Slack channels and that has been a hidden viewership stream for me. I would like to start a newsletter one day, but time is limited LOL.


I am also in awe of @samanthaming 's amazing instagram content.

Thanks for the insights. I've been thinking about hashnode since you had mentioned it to me. I really like the format/platform. I really like how you own the domain, and they own the main feed. You can get up and going with a ton of features so easily.

🤞 Hopefully DEV fixes those features soon, they have such a great community here.


Thank you to you both for the kind words 💛 I'll do my best to continue to keep my content awe-worthy 😄


My blog, but not always -- for the purpose of archiving, mostly.

Twitter is used just to share articles. Also, Facebook, where most of my real life friends are.

My LinkedIn is shit. I don't even think of perfecting it yet.

Also, I copy + paste everything to dev.to, rather than just post a link. I think it is a better etiquette.


Hashnode looks neat. Anyone tried it? Why not as popular as Medium?

Requests for Articles

This looks nice. I will consider contributing.


That is a really cool Section, I had no Idea there was a Request for Articles section.

I kinda like LinkedIn. It feels quite a bit different than any other platform. It's feeling a bit less formal each day, which I kinda like. That might just be based on who I follow though. I like that content lives for more than a few hours and generally drives engagement for 2-3 weeks after posting. You do need to form the post for LinkedIn, which kinda requires a summary to fit in their post length. No Idea if I get good conversion, but I get good 👍 and decent comments there.


I usually cross post my articles on Twitter & LinkedIn, as well as have them on my blog. I haven’t tried Reddit because I’ve read stories on how toxic the folks can be on the platform. Then again, it could be the same with Twitter.


I've heard the same about Reddit. I've tried to post there a few times and I just have no idea what I am doing. I got no engagement.

Any tips to cross-posting to Twitter/LinkedIn? Do you just click the share button, or do you craft custom messages?


I usually craft short custom messages on Twitter & LinkedIn, post the link and add the relative hashtags on those posts. Adding the hashtags helps boost visibility on my articles. Not much, but it’s better than nothing 😃


Right now, I have my own blog at saisandeepvaddi.com.

I also post on DEV right after publishing on my blog. And if any library releases, I also post in reddit.

After seeing this post today, I posted on hashnode for the first time 🙂


Cool, I just joined hashnode as well. Your site looks really nice.


I now had to request them to delete my blog.

Funny story, when I created my blog and posted for the first time yesterday, I didn't notice the blog post link got some unique id added to the slug. Later when I tried to open the article it won't go to the correct link.

There doesn't seem to be an option to edit, delete the blog post and re-publish it or at least I didn't find it.

Also, apparently you need to email them to delete your blog. It's been a day. I don't know what is their usual time to respond.

Hope to re-create the blog there soon.


I cross post on our company blog, dev.to, and Dzone mainly. Then I share the link to these blogs on LinkedIn and Twitter. I have found that this is successful since folks like to access blogs from different places.


Any tips for driving engagement through LinkedIn and Twitter? Do you use the share button and post, or do you craft a custom message for each?


I usually craft a custom message! It makes for a more unique / sincere post. Maybe highlight your favorite quote or share a bit of background on what inspired you to write that specific article?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Reddit (more reach)
  • Twitter (log)
  • Dev.to (great platform)
  • Personal site (personality)

@ryanccn you gotta get that personal site up and going


LOL how did you know it was still "under development"

I checked out the link from your profile, and your twitter.


I started cross posting my DEV posts on Coil blogs.
Here is the link to my profile


Would you recommend coil? Do you cross post full articles without changing?


The reach on Coil is not good but the reading experience is quite nice. Yes I cross post full articles with very little change. I would recommend Coil for people who wish to earn through web monetization protocol.


I rarely - very rarely - cross post between Mastodon and Twitter. It has to be something I feel will fit either audience.

I don't post many articles in many places, and those that I do, I don't post about anywhere. I don't make a tweet about my Dev post, for example.

Share your experience, and whether cross-posting to anywhere else has helped build your community and drive meaningful engagement.

I have no "community" and don't really consider the majority of "engagement" to be meaningful.

I'm literally doing what I do because I feel like it, not with a goal in mind - not a goal of reaching more people, anyway.


That is a perfectly acceptable approach. Post for yourself, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. No need to stress over it. Thanks for adding your personal story to the discussion.



Currently, this is mt Blog site, working on Dev.to Api's and fell to share this link anywhere!

Here is the source code:

GitHub logo 8bithemant / Dev-Blogs

Hii, This is a blog Designed in React-Js, with Javascript and Love. App Fetches Your Blogs from Dev.to using Dev.to Api

Dev Blogs

Dev Blogs is built in React and Redux which is used to publish your Dev.to Blogs on a custom page.

GitHub pull requests

Deploy Netlify

Preview hemant-blog.netlify.app

To customize the blog according to your Dev user id simply follow the Readme (The Steps Below)

Getting Started?

Star the Repo and click the button here &gt Deploy to Netlify Button

Click on the above button and config with you Github in Netlify.

After successful netlify config.

Simply go to your profile which would have new Repo, and clone it to your local system

Visit the following folder after clone.


Then change the each section to your details Don't forget the https:// that is used for redirects

In your terminal

Run the following command in you terminal.

npm i && npm start or yarn && yarn start

Cheers You Blog is live on your System. And on localhost.

If you have any issues with already existing remotes, in…

Also, anyone can generate their dev Blogs, just by changing the config.js file, try the readme.



That is really cool how you built it. Any plans to pull in comments?


I did a little experiment with cross posting and the results were astonishing. TLDR; I get more engagement from decentralized application's, than I do on centralized applications.

I have experimented with other types of content, mainly tutorials and poetry. The spreadsheets don't lie.

Within a day:

  • Uptrennd (most views)
  • Cent -high views, before v3. 0
  • Medium (low views, not surprised)
  • Dev.to (so far, so good )
  • LinkedIn ( like you said, people just read the summary, it's annoying )
  • Publish0x (not much, unless the topic is specifically about Decentralized Finance )

There are several new ones to me there, thanks for sharing.


Nice, But why should i cross post ? To gain more readers or is there Any other use ?


Yes, many users are only on one platform and not on every single platform. Some will see your content multiple times, but many will only see it in their platform of choice.


Why do we need to post the same thing in different platform ? Instead create a URL shortner and point to single platform like dev.to ?


I started posting here, and now I’m starting to crosspost on medium. I’m also planning on start posting on a personal blog and maybe share it to LinkedIn.


Have you seen any benefit to cross-posting to Medium yet?

You should get started with your personal site sooner so that you can own that Canonical URL. A super simple way to do this without much effort from what I can tell is to connect dev to stackbit. Its free, and you can get your own URL for as low as $12 per month.

It may not have everything you want, but you can at least have something under your own URL for very little effort.


Not yet. I've been posting there for less than a month so I can't tell much.

Nice, it seems like a pretty easy and straight forward method for keeping up a personal blog. I'm going to take a look. Thank you for the suggestion!


I am still a newbie to content writing so I post on Hashnode and then on Dev for now :)


hashnode seems really cool in how you own everything under your domain, and the main feed is owned by them.


Doesn't cross posting the same content penalize your blog in term of SEO ?


It's important to include a canonical URL. Here is a great article on the hashnode townhall that discusses how to cross post.