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Discussion on: Which qualities were exhibited by good managers you've had?

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Andrew Smith

In an industry such as software, I think it's imperative that managers are team players, can bring people together in a team and ensure that the team has the correct atmosphere. They need to bring the team together and encourage the team to work well and be open about things. Openness is something that's often overlooked nowadays, good managers should create an atmosphere where developers (and anyone working on the project for that fact) feel as if they can be open about things, bring up things they feel aren't working, talk about any troubles they're having and be comfortable with telling the manager how they feel about a project, whether it's good news or bad news.

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Nick Karnik Author

Often the executive leadership sets the tone. I've been in situations where the CEO liked keeping a distance from all employees and believed in sugarcoating all communication. However, transparency has always allowed me to be genuine and helped in getting things done.