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Discussion on: On lowering the bar

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

In case of difficulties in retrieving the data, you should stop elaborating a theory, and report the problem instead. You don't go as far as suggesting remedies and different approaches, because you don't have a road to walk on. Just a fragile, unstable rope connecting a couple of cherry-picked human science papers and your own subjective observations.

I think that's a really important message that is easily forgotten, whether it's because of blindness by privilege or letting our biases get in the way of reasoning.

Also, when seen through the perspective of evolution, diversity is exactly what's necessary for advancement. Shows how ironic it is to try to replicate and homogenize company culture. Although I may have gone on the deep end of generalizing evolution (oops).

You really struck the right tone addressing the past events in this article.

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