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3 Tips for Making a Good Refocusing Reader Attention With Copywriter Tricks Even Better

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There are many tricks and tactics that copywriters use to help readers get and stay engaged in the copy. Because when a reader is engaged, they’re more likely to follow through on the call to action. This means more conversions, more sales, and a stronger business.
One of the tactics that copywriters use is formatting. Now, formatting can mean a lot of things. It can be as basic as the margins on the side of your page. However, for the sake of copywriting, it generally includes a few tried and true elements. Let's take a look at these formatting elements and how they can be used to refocus your reader's attention.

  1. Images and Graphics

One of the easiest ways to refocus reader attention is to use a compelling and relevant image. We’re not talking about graphs or charts at the moment. We’re talking about simple images that can be used to effectively break up the copy.

How does it help refocus attention? Well, it works in several ways. The image may appeal to the reader or tap into some related emotions. This response re-engages them in your copy. It can also give them a visual break. Let’s face it; it can be difficult to focus on the content when it’s a page of words. Attention wanders and you lose your reader. Images help break it up.

  1. Bullets and Lists
    Another way to help refocus your reader is to utilize lists or bullets. This is particularly useful when you’re highlighting benefits in your copy. The sentences or bullets are usually short and sweet. They’re organized in an easy-to-read manner. And they are usually active and contain strong words that capture reader attention. It’s another way to break up the visual content too.

  2. Font, Font Size and Color
    Some copywriters enjoy using other methods to help the reader focus their attention on the words that matter most. You might choose to underline or place a particular word in bold lettering to show the reader that the word is important. It helps refocus their attention when the word resonates with them. You can do this same thing by changing the size or color of the font or by changing the font itself. The idea is the same – focus reader attention on a word or phrase that re-engages them in your copy.
    Finally, subheadings are a fantastic way to help a reader move through your copy effectively. Subheadings can contain powerful words and compelling information. Think of them as mini-headlines. They are important and the more powerful your subheadings are, the more engaged and focused your reader will be.


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