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Bitcoin Bond: BOOM Raising in El Salvador | Promises over 500 million

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El Salvador's Bitcoin Bonds would be a crazy and unexpected success if active investments confirmed the data. There are still three weeks left for the title to be released, which would have already collected investment promises for the entire share that will be distributed.
Yes, according to what was released by the US press, there are already verbal commitments, or underwriting promises, for over 500 million dollars. A sum that even the most enthusiastic about the future of Bitcoin might not have even imagined.

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Bitcoin Bond: it is already a success of "soft" subscriptions
Of course, with the title that is not yet available - but which will be available from next March 15th - it is impossible to have actual purchases yet, but it is still a great result. El Salvador has already raised underwriting pledges of more than $ 500 million, or more than it set out to raise.

A few weeks ago was experiencing the IMF's arrows with some apprehension. The international monetary fund should have granted a necessary bridging loan advancing reserves due to the situation linked to Bitcoin, which the IMF would like to contain to reduce the possibility that there are emulators, perhaps in other emerging economies.

On the other hand, the public, for now probably made up of large investors, would seem to have already responded in an essential way to El Salvador's request for financing. Because even if only a part of those who promised investments were to confirm the purchase, we would still be faced with significant subscriptions.
Tough day for Bitcoin, but the conditions for a vital future are all there.
Those who have recently entered the crypto market will be worrying about the fluctuating price trend of Bitcoin, which does not seem to have the strength enough to go to recover its historical price highs shortly.

However, this news can significantly impact even in the medium and long term because they trace Bitcoin's path in the institutional sphere. With a question that indeed becomes very interesting regarding relations with leading international institutions. What power will the IMF have if El Salvador manages to finance itself elsewhere?
What exactly is Ethereum?**

Perhaps it is convenient to clarify what exactly Ethereum is at this point. It is related to Bitcoin but has wanted to go beyond merely circumventing traditional financial controls with a cryptocurrency. Buterin has created a top layer that makes Ethereum more than a digitalCrypto Currency

"A good use of blockchain technology would be for services that need to be 'decentralized.'" And it is that the structure of Ethereum allows transfers from 'person to person' (Peer to peer), create virtual wallets, and even sign instant compliance contracts, without any human action or the supervision of a bank. "The blockchain offers a high level of security and scalability. can use it for so many things."

Even so, he warns of the danger around these currencies. "The market is still young. People do not know how to distinguish between those that will survive in the long term and those that will not," she maintains in an interview with an Israeli newspaper. "It is growing at a rate that is difficult to control. I don't enroll in most cryptocurrencies because I think they are overvalued," she concludes.
A pissed off, the fuse that lit everything**

But how does a young man like Vitalik become an eminence of these characteristics? For a piss Monumental. One of those who spend hours and hours squeezing every last detail out of this video game. However, a Blizzard change in the software broke the idyll. He was 17 years old. That well was the perfect breeding ground for his interest in Bitcoin to be aroused.
Since he had neither the resources to 'mine' it nor to acquire it, he decided to work to earn it. He contacted a blogger who paid him five 'bitcoins' for each post. That precarious payroll was the runway for him. Months later, he would set up Bitcoin Magazine, his medium, which would make him an authorized voice and open many doors in the sector for him.

In 2013, he traveled to a cryptocurrency conclave in California. What she saw there pushed her to abandon her degree at the University of Waterloo (Ontario) and give herself body and soul. She was able to do it thanks to a grant from the foundation of Peter Thiel, co-founder of Paypal, Trump adviser, and one of the most controversial people in Silicon Valley.
Weeks later, he began a route around the world visiting different companies and experts who work on
Blockchain extensions, spending the fortune he had amassed writing.

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