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I am also at same situation , actually I am feeling not right to be only Front End Developer( playing with different themes of WordPress and Shopify not giving me satisfaction).
The main point is I never get into learning of core programming. Now I am feeling that I have to get into coding that can help me better understanding of things and increase daily productivity.
Another thing is I am also working on some research topic in my Master's Degree Program.
I need to keep my earning so to maintain my expenses.

I don't understand where to go , what to choose for get into programming.



There are so many languages and paths out there; I would choose one (I'm partial to Ruby or Javascript), and just start learning. The thing is: proficiency in one language helps you learn others faster. I had never written a line of code in PHP, but I was tasked with editing our Wordpress-based blog at work, and I was surprised as how easy it was to make the modifications 😃

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