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Discussion on: Learning To Be A Mouse-Less Web Developer In VS Code (Updated: 22 July 2020)

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Anson Low Z.F

Thank you for your opinion. You're right. I still find GUI work faster in VS Code.

i.e. the source control panel.
Git - add a file, commit, and push a lot faster—no need to type a long filename.

I'm thinking to write an article about how VS Code make coding fast.
(Meanwhile, I still experimenting whether using mouse-less can increase productivity or not)

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AJ Kerrigan • Edited

Nice post Anson! Articles like this always teach me a keyboard shortcut I've either forgotten or never knew. In this case, that Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + period to bring up breadcrumbs is a nice touch :). Thanks!

I get a lot of benefit from having common keyboard reflexes across multiple applications. For me this means tweaking some of VS Code's keyboard shortcuts to match my tmux+vim muscle memory, which I wrote a bit about here.

I think the more important piece is to experiment a bit when you can, but fall back to whatever's most comfortable when you really need to get something done. No mouse-shaming required! :)