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Best active software development communities in Barcelona

Being part of software development communities is more important than you might think.

Your choice of programming communities will often determine the pace of your progression in your particular language or field of expertise. Communities provide a one of a kind learning experience. Programming communities may give you up-to-date information and problem-solving, insightful answers and new perspectives, tips and tricks for all-level programmers, links to resources, talks and research papers. But also, what is very important to highlight is that communities reunite code buddies, potential partners and like minded people. Software development communities force improvements and innovation through events, open source projects and other initiatives.

Recognizing that there are hundreds of online and offline software development communities out there, I decided to speak with Apiumhub developers to list down the best and active ones in Barcelona.

Best active software development communities in Barcelona

Software Crafters community aims to attract and connect software development professionals, who feel passionate about their work and share the values and principles of the Crafters movement. This is a community is for those who care about what they do and who want to improve and master their craft.

This one of the software development communities in Barcelona. BarcelonaJUG reunites geeks from Barcelona who want to share experiences and knowledge related to the IT world and Java language. In this community you can chat, discuss and organize workshops to practice and test new technologies.

This community has open source in mind and is willing to explore open source cross platform modern web development with .NET Core. Community members love modern software architecture and design with DDD, CQRS, Event Sourcing, Functional Programming, Microservices, Docker, K8s and much more.

This community dives into Domain-Driven Design. Members learn as much DDD as they could through the 4 variety of formats: live coding, workshops (practical/hands-on), panel/open discussions, questions & answers (Q&A) and talks.

In this community members share knowledge and experiences related to agile and the use of agile methodologies in software development.

Barcelona.JS is a community focused on JavaScript and related topics. They organize meetups every month in the center of Barcelona to share experiences and discuss latest trends.

This community is based in Barcelona and it is about React.Js. They aim to organize events to cover topics such as React.js, Flux and all other libraries related to it.

The mission of this community is to bring together Android developers from Barcelona to share experiences, knowledge and grow together as professionals, through scheduled talks and video conferences.

Jenkins is the premier open source technology for implementing Agile continuous integration, continuous delivery, and DevOps practices. This community connects professionals in the pursuit of sharing practices, networking, and exploring advanced topics.

This community is for those who love programming in Scala and want to meet other fellow Scala developers in the Barcelona area to talk about this programming language. Community members organize presentations, coding dojos, etc. focused on Scala and functional programming.

This community is for those who wants to learn more about Docker. Community members organize events to understand how to use Docker to ensure agility, portability and control for all distributed apps.

Women Techmakers is continually launching global scalable initiatives and piloting new programs to support and empower women in technology and in software development industry.

Women Who Code is the largest and most active community of engineers dedicated to inspiring women to excel in technology careers. They organize events and offer free hands on technical events, study groups, panel discussions, lightning talks, and keynotes featuring influential tech industry experts, innovators, and investors.

Apium Academy

This community is for free software enthusiasts in Barcelona. This community hosts FLOSS-oriented talks addressed to developers and users depending on the occasion.

It is a Barcelona’s awesome iOS and OSX developer community. The community meets up about once a month to discuss all things Apple – from Swift and Objective-C coding practises, to operating system changes and best practises.

This community is aimed at professionals working in software testing and quality engineering in Barcelona. This community organizes afterwork events regularly to share information and experiences about software testing and to promote the local testing community in Barcelona.

This community is for software architecture enthusiasts, who organize meetups and events about software architecture, among them is Global Software Architecture Summit. Robust and scalable software is in the center of every discussion and talk, which makes it a perfect place for people who fight for quality in the software development world.

I hope you find this list useful! If you believe that we are missing some software development communities that should be mentioned here, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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