Open Source Projects by Apiumhub: Docker-Helper, Docker-jmeter, Docker-Dyson

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The mission of Apiumhub is to continue growing our community & our areas of expertise by bringing together the most passionate & advanced experts to deliver working software that will have an impact on the tech industry. We never stop growing: we organize events, we read books and write articles to contribute to the community and build working software using best practices. 2019 is a remarkable year for us. This year we decided to start working on open source projects and share our knowledge, tips, and products with you, guys!


And today, on behalf of the Apiumhub software development team, we are pleased to announce the publication of our first Open Source projects. The first things that we would like to share with you are these three tools that we use in our day to day life:

  • Apium-Docker-Helper: ADH is a npm package that facilitates daily tasks when working with docker. It provides us with useful tools such as lifting a docker-registry or a local nginx with a single command; start or stop containers interactively or delete images or containers very easily. [GitHub


  • Docker-jmeter: We have created docker images for the Jmeter versions that we use the most; the 3.3, the 4.0 and the 5.0. This allows us, in our projects, to have a simple and dockerized setup of our functional tests. [GitHub


  • Docker-Dyson: We have also dockerized dyson, a fakeserver that runs on Node.js and that allows us to mock calls to the server from our mobile projects. In this way we can work in parallel with the backend team without having to have the APIs ready, only defining a contract. GitHub

So, these are our open source projects , but apart from linking to the places where they are published, we give you links to the code so that everyone can see how it is done and, of course, contribute to the projects. All pull requests are welcome!

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