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Discussion on: Write faster in the editor - adding a WYSIWYG and keyboard shortcuts! [hack 2]

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Arek Nawo

Thought about it already. Maybe in the future. Auto-filling on the web is pretty hard - especially with contenteditable rich editors. Techniques that I use won't work on every website, but on the vast majority. Might do a blog post on this.
So, if I manage to standardize it, then yeah, API might be on the way.

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InHuOfficial Author

Sorry just re-read this.

I meant an API to retrieve the HTML / markdown generated for processing.

I thought that way people can use your service to write, then publish to everywhere including their own site. Or is that what you meant was difficult 😋?

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Arek Nawo

Kind-of. Right now it works like that:

  • you write your piece in CodeWrite editor
  • then "pin it for publishing"
  • then go to one of Medium, Hashnode, or, open pop-up and click publish

CodeWrite detects potential issues (e.g. images too large, code highlighting not supported), presents you with potential solutions (e.g. resize image to FHD, convert to GitHub Gists embeds) and "auto-fills" the post's content within the editor.

Auto-filling and issue-resolving mechanisms aren't the same for every website, and so they aren't good candidates for an API.
I could provide generalized access to the pop-up menu and created content, but this would leave too much work on the API user's side.
As for standard "Markdown exports" - they're in development, alongside GitHub Pages auto-filling.
Hopefully, I'm clear. CodeWrite is a rather unique idea and it's quite hard to explain it properly.