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re: This week, I... went to my first big tech conference — Microsoft Build! It was great to hang with a bunch of DEV members, honestly too many to lis...

How was it? I've never been to a conference... Inspiring, empowering, you tell us!


I was really surprised by the sheer scale of the conference. So many developers in one place. So much fanfare. And I gather that this isn't even at the high-end of spectacle (that would be something more like AWS re:Invent or Google I/O).

It was amazing to meet so many internet friends (Twitter and DEV contacts), and new friends while at the conference. Twitter is really a connective platform that adds a touch more permanence to fleeting in-person interactions.

It was inspiring to see how positive and excited people are, even about relatively niche products being offered by Microsoft or the Azure crowd. It reminds you that there are a ton of people out there quietly building and pushing projects and businesses forward using this wide array of technology.

And I really liked the AI demos, especially around visual recognition.

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