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re: What went wrong?

Everything, basically. They did not report the reason, so I am left to question my existence and worth :)
Actually, I am a Ruby SE and their HR thought it would be a good idea to interview me for DevOps position. I have some skills in OS, infrastructure and glueing stuff together, but not on the level I'd deep acceptable for such a company. Anyway, this was the suggestion from their side and I was amused with the opportunity, so I crossed my fingers and accepted it.

It was going well online. The problems started when I got onsite. I travelled to Dublin via two transfer flights that basically took the whole day. I was first time abroad, tired, nervous and a bit homesick for some reason. There were four interviews and on the third one my mind suddenly snapped, so I was almost unable to think, resolving the problems they set before me in quite a sloppy and slow fashion.

I don't think this would go any other way for me then, but it was a great expirience overall. Nice city, their office was amazing and I've got the adventure. Now I know what may go wrong and why I failed, so I am preparing for another try sowhere in FAANG space.


Thanks for sharing! It's a shame that they don't report the reason though, it would make sense and would be valuable for the candidate.


Thanks for sharing. But I am still trying to figure why would Ruby SE switch to DevOps ?! What was your thought process ?
And yes they should provide you the reason ! Anyways . All the best for future !

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