I failed last onsite step of Facebook interview at Dublin, Ask Me Anything!

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Everything, basically. They did not report the reason, so I am left to question my existence and worth :)
Actually, I am a Ruby SE and their HR thought it would be a good idea to interview me for DevOps position. I have some skills in OS, infrastructure and glueing stuff together, but not on the level I'd deep acceptable for such a company. Anyway, this was the suggestion from their side and I was amused with the opportunity, so I crossed my fingers and accepted it.

It was going well online. The problems started when I got onsite. I travelled to Dublin via two transfer flights that basically took the whole day. I was first time abroad, tired, nervous and a bit homesick for some reason. There were four interviews and on the third one my mind suddenly snapped, so I was almost unable to think, resolving the problems they set before me in quite a sloppy and slow fashion.

I don't think this would go any other way for me then, but it was a great expirience overall. Nice city, their office was amazing and I've got the adventure. Now I know what may go wrong and why I failed, so I am preparing for another try sowhere in FAANG space.


Thanks for sharing. But I am still trying to figure why would Ruby SE switch to DevOps ?! What was your thought process ?
And yes they should provide you the reason ! Anyways . All the best for future !


Thanks for sharing! It's a shame that they don't report the reason though, it would make sense and would be valuable for the candidate.


Is it important to have deep knowledge on a specific technology to get interview call and get selected in a big company ?
for me, i have worked with python (django), php (laravel), JavaScript(jquery,angular,react, react-native).


It may increase the chances of getting in. Your CV gotta be impressive, 'cause there are like a 1000 people like you applying for the position.


how do you recommend to start with rubby?


It depends on your purposes. If it just learning than just rubymonk.com would fit. Else you can choose game programming with github.com/gosu/gosu or web programming with github.com/rails/rails. Both have great offical guides. Here they are for Rails and Gosu.


Usually work with codeigniter so I think Rails would be a nice start. am I right?


What kinda questions did they ask? Did they ask you to solve algorithm challenges in Ruby?


The don't care about the language unless it is something cryptic. Mostly questions about certain counting, array traversal or string operation issues. Also ground-up Linux questions like processes, memory, threads, sycalls. Analyze purpose of server by its logs. Typical.


Thanks for the answer, was helpful :)


What do you love most about Ruby?


It is basically pseudocode that runs. It is much easier to prototype stuff like algorithms, approaches and parts of the system on Ruby then, say, on Java. Also, community is great and social, so I can always find somebodys blog, conf talk or a chat.


How long have you been programming in Ruby before interviewing at Facebook?


About 2 years. I was finishing by Bachelors degree and that helped.


How did they reached out to you?


I left my CV on the offical site and they sent me an email.