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Discussion on: 7 Fullstack Projects You Need to Make in 2021

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I think the best one on this list is probably a zoom clone or a video chatting app, if you have the time of course. You learn a lot trying to make it better. It includes text chat too.

And suggestion would be to not worrying too much about the how the UI looks but focus on the functionalities and making the navigations smoother and more interactive.

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Parampreet Singh

you are right

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NVidia Jetson Nano has a optimized version of WebRTC and supports AI if you want to go a step further. It also makes a great security camera system.

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Henry Boisdequin Author

I totally agree with you! Creating an app which allows users to interact with each other via their webcam is no easy feat. This project focuses on the backend as much as the frontend and UI which makes it a true fullstack project. Thanks for reading.