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re: Perfect timing, I've just started to revisit my personal site with a completely custom theme, based on Bulma! I haven't taken it live yet, but beca...

I really like the cards and the font sizes -- super good looking, and the colors are different but cool! I would remove the background image on the side panel, just keeps the clean theme going. I would also make "about", "blog" and "contact" bigger since you really want people to go to those pages! I would make the fonts on your about page bigger! I would show all your blog posts on a page so that someone can see all of them at once, maybe with images so that people are drawn in to read them! I love the cards though, again!


Thanks for the advice, and I'm so glad to hear you like the cards, I was really wavering on that!

I actually chose the colors trying to compliment the sidebar background, but maybe I'm just partial to it because it's one of my favorites from my gallery 😇I had originally used a solid color for the sidebar and didn't like it much, but I also didn't like the original colors at all either, so I might like it much more with a more muted palette. Lots to play around with!

And I do have blog listings, but I have not gotten around to making those look nice yet, it's just a list of links. I do link to these archive pages from the homepage tiles, but I will definitely try to make it more obvious how to view the archives.

Oh, your art work is awesome! I'm just biased against background images in general I think -- just think it usually detracts. I would maybe put the cards on a separate page then, and just have art/your name/links on the home page?

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