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May I ask, is it recommended to publish each post in different platforms?

I started blogging when I discovered and I can the points in "why blog" but haven't done anything with regards of gaining readership.

When ever I thought of re-publishing the articles I write here to medium or into a personal blog I never do it because it feels I don't know ...

Do you re-publish the same content in different platforms?


I personally do, but I think its totally fine to just post here as well! I post to Medium and my personal blog as well


I don't think it's totally necessary. Many folks write specifically with the mindset that it'll go on but we do try to make the process as easy as possible for folks that do. Out of principle I think many like the idea of publishing to their own platform even if they are also publishing elsewhere.


Also worth noting that allows you to use a canonical URL so search engines know it's the same post and index it accordingly (good for your SEO).


I have different content here than on my own site; my own site has more specific how-to type stuff so I use to separate the "culture", "career", etc. type of material.

Also, inspired by an earlier post which I can't find now, I don't care about SEO and don't have a "hit counter" on my own page, so this is not a worry!


It feels... spammy? Sneaky? Like some terrible violation of DRY (don't-repeat-yourself)? :) I know that feeling. I still fight it.

I try to think about it this way:

  • is the post helpful? (yes)
  • given the set of people in the world who it would help, did all of them read it when I posted it on [Reddit|HN|my blog|]? (probably not)
  • if I repost it somewhere else, might it get in front of new people and help them? (probably)
  • and what happens if someone has already seen it elsewhere? (they'll probably just ignore it)
  • think of times you've seen an article in 3 different places. Did that make you unhappy? Did it lend credibility to the article?

I publish my posts on my own blog first, and then I sometimes republish them on or Medium, and I send them to my email list, and I often share them somewhere too (Reddit/Twitter/FB/etc). If you believe it's helpful, there's not much sense in keeping it quiet :)


Which subreddits do you post to? I've always been super intimidated by posting there!

I usually just post to r/reactjs because most of my posts are on React and related stuff.

It IS intimidating. It still is for me, but it was much scarier in the beginning. On top of that, some subreddits are just not very friendly. r/programming and r/javascript come to mind... I tend to avoid those :)

I think the key, and what helped me, was to become active in the community before posting anything. It helped build up my own confidence, and also build up some reputation.

I'd reply to comments, answer questions (without linking out to my own stuff right out the gate), and after a little while, work in links to my posts when it was relevant. I try to write a helpful reply, and if I've got a related post, end the comment with "If you want more detail, I've written about this [here]". And once you've got some trust built up it's much less intimidating to post your own links to the subreddit, and they're more likely to be accepting.

It varies by subreddit too. Some are less friendly, some really hate links to your own stuff... but some are very accepting of it. Figuring out that vibe is another good reason to hang out and interact wherever you think you could help. And not just for Reddit of course :)


I post to my own platform, I am copying it to medium and then almost automatically it gets posted here too. For me, it is just a matter of control. But it is just me. :)

I have to admit, is a very warm dev home and I really enjoy the vibe of the community here.

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