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Write API tests for HTTP GET method

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Let's take a look at how to write API tests using JavaScript for HTTP GET method.

So in the previous post, we wrote a basic GET test to get us started, and now we'll take a step further and write a couple more of GET tests to get a good understanding of them.

Accessing an individual resource

In this test, we'll try to access data for an individual user.

 // access the user data based on the id provided
 it('GET /users/:id', () => {
    return request.get(`users/1?access-token=${TOKEN}`).then((res) => {
// validate the data being returned is of the expected user

Working with query parameters

Sometimes, you need to provide query params to filter out the data being requested.

// Filtering data based on page, gender and status
 it('GET /users with query params', () => {
    const url = `users?access-token=${TOKEN}&page=5&gender=Female&status=Active`;

    return request.get(url).then((res) => {
// validate all the data being returned are as per the query params provided
      res.body.data.forEach((data) => {

Alright, so this covers pretty much the majority of the scenarios that you will work with when writing API tests for HTTP GET methods. 🙌

Check out this video to see a detailed explanation on how to work with HTTP GET method:

You can also clone the GitHub repo to access this code

To learn more about API testing, check out my free tutorial series here -


I hope this post helped you out, let me know in the comments below!

Happy testing! 😄


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