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Well, if the acronym would have been CEV, I could have said Can't Exit Vim; and Don't (know how to) Exit Vim seemed too far fetched, so Don't Exit Vim is the closest to what I wanted to say I could think of.


Don't Exit Vim has got to be my favourite so far.

Pro tip: ESC + :wq = exit vim

:w = Write
:q = Quit
:wq = Write buffer and quit

Another other pro tip, that's bound to just ZZ, withough a colon.


Another pro tip! There is a shortcut for :wq β€” :x

Another pro tip for regex:


I'll use something similar when I rebase (to squash) a series of commits in a git repo (vim's my editor for Git). If when presented with the list of commits you do:


You'll squash all commits into a single commit in one fell swoop.


To be fair, any reference to Vim being hard to quit is always a cheap win.

As a regular vim user, the cheapest win for me is emacs.

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