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Tell Me: What is the biggest (or funniest) data blunder you've encountered?

avohq profile image Avo ・1 min read

Companies with analytics debt (read: essentially every company) often have silly, unusual, and broken naming conventions, typos, and similarly incorrectly named metrics.

Example: https://twitter.com/quaesita/status/1283787303886954498

Let's laugh about it together! Share your experiences in the comments!


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I had a client once who accidentally sent sensitive CC info along with their eCommerce purchase event 😱

On the funnier side, I've also seen "store_detected" and "store_detection" shut down a whole campaign because the end data consumer didn't know which event to analyze. It's the little things!


We had a senior officer in the company with serious anger management issues, and would routinely fire off angry replies to employee emails from his Blackberry (long after they stopped being cool). He liked to CC your manager if he was chewing you out, and a couple of them happened to have a name starting with the letter A. The first contact we had on the company directory starting with A was also "All Hands". After he had cooled down, he would come to us and ask us to rescind the message from everyone's mailbox, which we could do because we used Exchange, but it was an incredibly difficult process since we had 3 different versions of Exchange running in three different sister companies, and it would take hours to go through all of them. Many people would also move the message out of their inbox so they could keep a copy of it for yuk yuks later, so I wrote a powershell script that went through every folder in every mailbox looking for a specific message id, and deleted it.

He had come to the company during a merger and had a contract that guaranteed his position for a portion of time. He was fired and escorted out of the building the day that contract ended. There was much rejoicing among us peasants that evening.


Oh dude, I feel like an idiot--I read CC as carbon copy instead of credit card.