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I can guarantee that's a thing without looking it up.


I couldn't help it, I looked it up, it's not a thing. I will give it 5 mins and I'm sure somebody will have take it.

This needs to be a thing. CLI of random "dad jokes" maybe??

EDIT: Made it a thing - npmjs.com/package/@vip3rousmango/p...

It's not a CLI, but this has dad jokes galore!

Punchline is a dad joke AI trained from said cli?

  • can rate your joke
  • makes jokes from titles of projects in npm
  • comes with a webpack loader
  • integrates with all major Frontend frameworks
  • Has literally 100's of critical issues, but it's on the backlog 😅

I think we have a product here?

Dear god, Jeremy. I'm ... speachless.



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It's a thing.

Curse my inability to use a keyboard. I wonder what it does.


You could have done npm install -g punchline and make the whole world laugh at once


You could have done it in CSS Alvaro while eating Italian tapas.

Was referencing/joking about the paella food tweet & your daily CSS experiments in one. Supposed to be abstract humor but it was a terrible attempt. Sorry. 😳

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