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Hacktoberfest Challenge done and dusted

Hey there!

I'm Ayan Biswas, a Web Developer and Electronics enthusiast.
This month I completed the #Hacktoberfest challenge. It's not too late to leave your mark! Get started by registering at


Currently I am Pursuing my Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Jadavpur University,Kolkata ,IN

I will be graduating in the year 2023 (expected).

I enjoy to solve puzzles and also I am currently in my bachelors level so i love to make small electronics circuits also and also I built this websites in my leisure. I can use the power of Cloud Computing (particularly GCP) to deploy and scale software and IT infrastructure at scale. Have worked with React, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, UI/UX design and many other tools to create cool and good websites.I also have interset for the various upcoming defence technologies that are been adopted by govt for defecnce Sectors.


I have completed my journey in the open source foundation indeplot , you also are most welcome to work in this awesome organization here is the link


Here are the list of PRs which i have done and they are accepted a contributio towards the completion of the Hacktoberfest challenge.


It was a nice experience in the development of the open source community alongwith hacktoberfest and the indeplot organization

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