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my first octolapse

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Check out octolapse on your octopi!!

FormerLurker / Octolapse

Stabilized timelapses for Octoprint


Octolapse Tab
Create a stabilized timelapse of your 3D prints. Highly customizable, loads of presets, lots of fun.

Octolapse is designed to make stabilized timelapses of your prints with as little hassle as possible, and it's extremely configurable. Now you can create a silky smooth timelapse without a custom camera mount, no GCode customizations required.

Octolapse moves the print bed and extruder into position before taking each snapshot, giving you a crisp image in every frame. Snapshots can be taken at each layer change, at specific height increments, after a period of time has elapsed, or when certain GCodes are detected. You can even combine multiple methods in a single timelapse.

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Important: Octolapse requires OctoPrint v1.3.7 or higher. You can check your OctoPrint version by looking in the lower left hand corner of your OctoPrint server home page.

Octolapse is still in…

Here's an excellent tutorial.

cover photo credit: Ines Álvarez Fdez

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