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Discussion on: I just changed jobs, Ask Me Anything!

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Dwayne Charrington

What is your stance on the modern interview process for developers and do you believe it needs to be improved? I haven't had to job search in some time, but the complicated and sometimes exclusionary hiring process at some companies I think is ridiculous.

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Michael Crenshaw Ask Me Anything

I'm sympathetic to hiring managers who are probably doing their honest best trying to build effective teams. I think exclusionary and destructive practices probably arise more out of ignorance and troubled priorities than bad intentions.

But I think improvements can be made.

Right now there are a lot of questions like, "Is whiteboarding ableist?" or "Are certain aspects of interview processes inadvertently sexist?" I think the best we can answer for now is "maybe" or, at best, "probably."

Something I learned studying web performance is that nothing can be improved that is not first measured. The tech hiring process needs standardization and lots of measurement. That probably needs to start with big corporations that can devote resources to measurement and have the numbers to achieve statistical significance in findings.

I would love to see "hiring" blogs appear for tech companies in the same way that "engineering" blogs have appeared (think Etsy's "Code as Craft," but focused on analyzing hiring practices rather than code).

I haven't had the opportunity to work in an Agile environment, but I imagine that hiring managers could draw a lot of helpful tools from that talent pool.