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I like what Hey stands for, but I also think the product itself is a little bit more flash than substance. I like that it's causing some shake up in email, but it also strikes me as a little inelegant the way I've, honestly, found Basecamp to be when I've tried it.

I'm still on their side in the culture war they're waging, but I still have mixed feelings.


That's kind of my feeling as well. I support the idea and I would even buy it if it was just an Email client (with Linux support of course). I'm using GMail currently and it works quite well for the 100s of emails that I get daily (most are from my open-source projects). Junk and spam are caught well and promotions and updates get sorted well so it will be really inconvenient to switch everything to another service especially one which I could lose the email if I don't pay for some reason at some point. And also I'm not that much of a private junkie I guess as I still use a lot of Google services, Twitter, a lil bit of FB and so on.

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