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Does Babel have explicit "governance"? How often do you get together and talk non-code stuff related to the health of the project?


Yeah governance is a big topic for open source, especially as a project gets bigger. I think for those that are non-linux/big ones it just starts with a single person and grows organically from there. Babel itself isn't that structured unlike ESLint or Node.

We did make a team page and have definetely discussed trying to do a more formalized structure but that's hard to enforce/commit to all the time when people are coming and going, having a mostly volunteer time, people taking weeks off, burnout etc.

We talk about it periodically in our slack channel and we started doing "weekly meetings" and posting them at I was doing it for a while and trying to schedule it. Our GSoC intern Karl puts it well: It's hard to do meetings when people are across the globe and literally not a good time for everyone in some cases.

I'm kind of tired of doing them so it went to 2 times a week and now I feel like it's better sometimes to just do a weekly summary of what's been going on in the community and the repo (notable PRs, issues, talks, etc). And if someone wants to do a call we can do that. I'd like to ask other members in the community for some calls to talk as well. Recently I joked maybe our meetings should just be playing Mario Kart on the Switch (we just played some yesterday finally).

I just added Angus to the team because he made an awesome song, and why not just make it the "Babel" song.

I was looking for other ways for people to get involved in OSS/Babel, especially in non-code ways and this is certainly one of them 👏!

Or Jordan with his awesome medium post which lead to the whole Guy Fieri meme:

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