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Thanks for the post Kent. doesn't yet support a couple of the embeds from the original version of the article when it came over via RSS but I think it all still looks good and we're working on everything. Great job keeping the community smart and up-to-date!


Thanks Ben! I'm curious who's doing the work to import and format my blog posts and choose which ones get imported? I don't mind, I'm just curious :)


It's currently a team effort to triage this regularly but I have to acknowledge it's a bit haphazard right now and failed to get to importing a couple of yours recently. 95% of the process is automated, but we let the edge cases slip a bit too often. I'm making note to improve our process. Sorry for the less-than-ideal execution on our part.

No worries. I honestly don't mind either way. I'm not sure how well these posts do on (there are no analytics as far as I can tell), so I'm not super motivated to make sure that posts get onto the platform at the moment.

Analytics are in beta available as a supporting membership feature at the moment. Your first couple posts each got about 1,000 views FWIW.

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