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Discussion on: Developing a good work / life balance?

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Ben Halpern

It may not address the issue head-on, but one thing worth thinking about is "butt in seat syndrome" at work, where people stick around til the end of the day every day because they'd feel awkward getting out early even if their productivity has absolutely hit the wall.

I point this out because "thinking about ideas and problems" when you should be winding down isn't as big an issue when you are also allowed to leave early when you're just not into it.

Finding ways to talk to your employee like "I work on these problems all day long and am really into this stuff, as you know, but it could be helpful if we are explicitly allowed to also bottle up the time where we're not productive at our desk".

Anyway, just a thought. Doesn't address what you're saying directly, but helps the greater general issue if you can establish that culture.