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Hey folks! The DEV Team is looking to bring on a couple contractors. (We went live with the listing a couple weeks ago but are really only beginning the process now. Apologies for the initial delay)

DEV Community | Senior Contractor | Brooklyn, NY | Remote or Onsite | Contract Work

We are a small company trying to do big things in software development. 99% of our code is open source. We strive to give our developers a lot of autonomy in their work and pick projects that interest them.

We have two roles:

Senior Engineering Contractor

This is a general web development position. We're looking for folks with abilities to contribute to our backend (Rails) or our JavaScript frontend, or both.

Senior iOS Developer Contractor

We are specifically looking for someone to help us get our iOS app launched soon.

These are contractor roles. We welcome full or part-time contributors if the fit matches if we can afford you!

If you are not in a position to do true contract work, but may want to work with us in the future, you're welcome to contribute to the open source project and develop a relationship with us.

Happy coding! ❤️


Taking a look at it. Filed some bugs and will look into them. I understand why you guys went with the approach you did (webviews leveraging the existing framework) but one of the problems I see with this approach is it can be harder for Swift devs to contribute because now we have to be familiar with the Javascript/web framework in order to make a meaningful contribution.


Taking a look at the iOS role, hope to know a little more soon!


I assumed you guys might have filed the role since I never heard back with a yay or nay. I submitted over two weeks ago.


Yeah, we’re only getting to this now. Sorry about the delay.

No worries. You guys are probably run off your feet. Good luck on the hunt!


Cool! I didn't know you guys had an open source iOS app.


It's still a work-in-progress, but any help appreciated, whether a casual contribution or applying for some contract work 😄

Hey Ben, when I have time, I can look at the repo. I don't know a lot IOS but I have all the tools necessaries to work on.

I hope I can collaborate with. Would be great!!!

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