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re: The biggest deal breaker for me is when a company has "set hours" where they expect you to be in the office. I personally am a morning person. I li...

Some companies will tell you you have flexible hours but then shame you for making use of this policy 😓


I've definitely experienced this many times. Just because flexibility (of any kind, not just hours) is offered, does not mean you will be allowed to use them in any way other than "technically". I usually ask what the work day of current employees looks like from person to person

Oooof, nothing is worse than being guilted into the office!


Worst case I had this happen - I had to work from home because school was closed. Got a bunch of dirty looks the next day for doing so. So next time school was closed, I brought my daughter to work with me and let her watch TV in the main area. I got even dirtier looks haha! But, what do you want me to do?! I found a new job shortly after this (and a few other instances of BS).

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