re: Would anyone be interested if I started a video series on VIEW POST


Go for it!

We'll be giving videos more and more love in the near future. For one thing, we recently tossed up this page and everything has been stable and bug free for a while with videos. (Not that there won't be future bugs).

DEV Video is like YouTube with a kinder community and no Google excessive tracking scripts or ads 😄


Dumb question, but I can't seem to find how to upload videos. Is it still in Beta?
I have one on animating SVG with GSAP I would like to upload for the community.


Visit /dashboard and it is a button on the left above articles.

We still haven’t elevated it to a prominent area so I’m not surprised it’s hard to find. Sorry about that.

Awesome. I’m glad you found it. I hope you post your video soon!


That's awesome! Great job getting started. Nice video!

Can’t wait to see your content 😀 thanks for the kind words


Awesome! Thanks Ben! That is really exciting to see. I really like the idea of exclusively putting them here on DEV. I don't want to deal with YouTube, honestly, and I much prefer the community here.
How do I make a video post? Do I just upload the video and embed it somehow in a post? Or does it go to make a post after I upload it?

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