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"What's your favorite Star Trek series?"

It's really bad to expect your employees to fit into some kind of arbitrarily-defined "nerd" culture.


The obvious correct answer here would be "the original trilogy".


"The one with the daleks"


Disagree; Picard is the better captain, and I have fond memories of watching TNG with my dad.


Same problem with sports. It may not come up as much in tech, but as someone working at not-a-tech-firm, people love to talk about sports. And I just don't find any appeal in it. There's no room for me in those conversations.

Also, DS9, obviously.


As a fan of Star Wars, I must say...

It's a trap


The one the boldly goes where no one has gone before.


Quick way to confuse the interviewer: 'I'd say the one with ... stars in it. Yeah, that one. Go sportsball.'

You probably wouldn't get hired there, but would you really want to?

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