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I definitely have passions and interests outside of development, but I have had a hard time turning them into hobbies.

Even stuff related to my main hustle of web development like hardware would be awesome to pick up, but I haven't mustered up the energy. Maybe some day!

I really would like fitness to be an important hobby in my life: Trying hard to make that work.


About fitness: one thing that has helped me stay consistent with working out is to do it first thing in the morning.

Wake up -> drink water -> go to gym/run/home workout.

It really makes my day more fun and i am feeling more energetic at work. First few days were painful though.


Fitness can be really tough when we sit in front of screens all day and do more of the same at home. I am lucky that my work has a gym in the building so I go during my lunch break. I also have a plan to try out Beat Saber.. used to be a huge DDR nut back when that was all the rage but it got old after several years. What a great workout that was though...

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