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re: Hello to all! I do not know how to code, program, develop, design, or any task that requires the most basic knowledge but I'd like to learn. EDIT:...


If you’re interested in code/websites/whatever you have a place here no matter what your current skill set.

A lot of stuff might go over your head but stick around and it’ll eventually stick.


Thank you. It's still mostly over my head but I think a little is coming down and simply circling around my head. Aside from WIX or wordpress, any suggestions on the easiest way to get a site up? I Nothing fancy, just a landing page?

You may want to look at static site generators:

It’s some tooling to help you generate just that: simple sites. We coders tend to make everything a bit complicated but try to find a static site generator which is truly fairly simple.

Look up articles around using netlify as well. It’s designed to make hosting these kinds of simple sites simple.

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