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Really great thoughts. Automate Your Life-oriented tasks are always a lot of fun to think about, though I'll admit I've consistently let these sort of projects fall by the wayside personally.

One thing I'll add: It might be a good idea to start a non-technical project you can commit to with the idea of adding tech in where appropriate. This will ensure that you don't get bogged down in something half-finished. The project is, in some ways, ready when you start it, and you add to it as you go. This was my thought behind starting @ThePracticalDev on Twitter, and it blossomed.


Totally agree Ben!

In fact, after blogging for a while, and manually scheduling tweets... I'm thinking of ways to automate the tweeting of content, uploading to medium, here and blog from Markdown. All sorts of stuff.

I read your post on making fast - great job!

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