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re: Super interesting question! We're working with the Khronos Group to standardize our file format. The first step was building up interest in the f...

How do you go about becoming certain yourself that the standard is the right choice? Like, you've got this thing you want to push, but how do you push past the doubt about unknown unknowns to go all in on pushing for something?

I find myself very happy giving it depends answers to everything. Pushing a standard seems daunting.

I think the biggest thing is getting others' feedback. Start talking about it to people you trust, and developers in the industry. Because it doesn't matter how good an idea you think it is, you can't make it a standard if no one agrees with you. But even if you don't think it's that great, if others want it to be a standard, it should be one! Making standards is all about getting everyone on the same page, working with others, getting other people excited about it, making lots of folks want to use something. Talk to people!

In talking to people, you must be confident. I'm not saying you should walk into that conversation with "I think this is the best thing ever and should be a standard, take it or leave it!" :) I'm saying you should make sure the benefits of your work are clear, and don't distract with highlighting every bad thing about it. Let the other person judge for themselves. Be clear in your message.

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