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Discussion on: How many of y'all are using DEV Connect?

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Ben Halpern

Our chat, called DEV Connect, has for most of its existence been not quite where we want it to be to really do a promotional push to drive awareness. But we've been patient building it out and we're just getting into the phase where we will be leaning into driving awareness.

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Ben Lovy Author

Edited, thanks!

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Aashir Aamir Khan

The problem is we can only talk to people, whom I follow, and they should follow me too.

I've 12000 followers, but I'm just following 70.
I want to follow all the 12000, so anyone can talk to me but how should I do it, there is no bulk action 😕

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Ben Sinclair

You really don't want to follow 12000 people! That wouldn't be something you could manage, and it wouldn't help anyone.

What you want is to allow anyone to talk to you, regardless of whether they follow you or not, and you can set that under Settings -> Misc -> Connect.