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re: You are not that far off though Kelvin. It seems at the moment that monetization on posts where the author hasn’t set up their payment pointer (whi...

I think you'll find that we'll be thoughtful and transparent about anything we do. We've written about some of this in the past.

There is no perfect static terms of service agreement or user experience expectation. As an open source project, every change into this project will be available for scrutiny and discussion.

And as we roll out monetization while simultaneously expanding our generalized open source initiative, different communities built on the platform (thismmalife.com/ etc.) will also be able to implement the monetization system.

Of course, none of this matters if there is not adoption of the technology, so we'll most certainly be working with Coil, GFTW, and everyone involved in whatever ways we can be most helpful.

Hello all, and 100% of post + 20% bonus when Coil is activated?

Agreed. It would be great to have an easy procedure for the authors that are interested though. I'm personally not sure about Coil, for instance, just like crypto wallets. Lots out there, but the real basic info seems buried unless your "in the know" to some degree. Not necessarily purposefully, but as we all know to some degree, there's a lot of assumed knowledge. I mentioned the wallets as a case in point because I'm learning Blockchain development, so at least for testing, I will shortly need one. Rabbit holes full of starry eyes, but not enough concrete info to make such an important decision on. Very frustrating and unencouraging. I keep prodding from stubborn tenacity, but damn!

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