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Coding outside

What are your experiences with working outside the office and your home?

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Michiel Hendriks • Edited

My outside programming is done in dead tree format (read: books). Yes, reading books is also programming.

As others pointed out, using a laptop outside has some big problems. If I am outside with a laptop (or rather anywhere not behind any of my workstations) I generally only do administrative work or research. Serious programming requires proper input control and screen estate.

But sun glare, and generally a bad posture, makes using laptops outside a real pain (pun intended).
This is one of the reasons I prefer articles rather than videos on technical subjects. The articles can also be consumed outside.

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flavio ⚡️🔥

Biggest problem: the screen. Can hardly see what's on there
Second biggest problem: the laptop gets hotter if it's hot :)

So I hardly do any coding outside. I'd rather read the kindle or listen to a podcast instead.

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Mihael Lenić

It's refreshing to have a change like that, but it only works for smaller or non-programming tasks (writing emails, researching, writing documentation).

I can only have longer (2h+) productive programming sessions in my office on my desktop setup (full-sized keyboard with two external displays and surrounded by other programmers :) )

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Adrian B.G.

Works fine for me doing lightweight tasks, even learning in busy areas, but indoors, like malls.

Not so much for outdoors because of the sun light. But the beautiful view makes it worth it once in a while.

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The only issue is the sun's reflection on the screen but if you can find the right spot it's doable :-)

I don't do it often but I've programmed from a lot of places (train, cafes, bed, benches and so on) and I'm still alive to tell the story :D

I've only recently bought a big screen after years without it, it makes the job easier but I can totally live without it.

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Evan Oman

I have tried a few times, it has never worked for me. Too many distractions, annoyances, discomforts.

I work best with dual monitors, my mechanical keyboard, and climate control.

If I need fresh air I'll just take a break :)

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Quentin Sonrel

None for me, but sometimes I'd really like to try coding in a park or on my balcony, just for a change and to have some fresh air. My shitty 12" laptop does not encourage me to try though 😅

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Ross Henderson

I would love to if I had a work laptop and we had an area outside aha.

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Hassan Pezeshk

I do that almost always.
From what I've experienced the best place is some cafe that isn't too crowded or noisy and has kinda comfortable chairs and tables big enough for your laptop and your coffee.