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Reactions (β€οΈπŸ¦„πŸ”–) over time:


Do you have objectives at DEV staff to make the community grow ?


The answer’s probably yes, but can you expand on what you mean by that?

I assume he means explicitly stated company objectives, like "reach X users by Jan 1, 2020", or "gain Y new users this month", that sort of thing

We have some objectives, but only to serve as focus for shipping the right things. Nothing super high level.

But we do have some more qualitative objectives for the near term and we will be publishing some posts about that outlook soon. πŸ™‚


Nice stats! πŸ‘

Learning together and being respectful with one another is excellent in this community, I value it the most.


I've heard any shoutouts on Twitter & Podcasts lately.

To summarize what I've read/listened to, it's

  1. easy to get started with blogging
  2. the community engagement is high
  3. the team has been active on πŸ˜€
  4. etc.

I've also seen many improvements brought in as team engaged in much with the community and also the site going open source started bringing in more improvements driven by the feedbacks.


Such a coincidence, I checked your blog post (where members come from) 2 days ago and tried out API in order to figure out what is the numbers currently :D


These are undoubtedly very nice numbers. But the number of users is probably not the best measure of community growth. In my experience, comunities tend to have a small number of active users while most of the rest log in once and then forget about it. Are there statistics available on user activity as well?

Edit: I just noticed Ben's comment showing the growth in number of reactions. This is more significant, I think. But what about number of posts, comments, views per post etc.?


Oh, boy. That's quite a lot of people. Makes me realize that I've been a DEV for around eight months now. That's... wow. I'm getting old.


it's better than Twitter, because you can write a short article for more than 140 characters. And it's special for developers. So developers can find more friends on it.
I suggest creating a mobile app too.


There's both an iOS and an Android app already actually, and the site itself is a PWA so you can "add it to your homescreen" and use it like an app from all modern mobile browsers anyway!

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