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GitHub template for Rust projects

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I've just finished creating a GitHub template that you can use to set up a new Rust project that GitHub Actions for Rust as a CI pipeline.

What this means, is that your project from day one will always perform the following cargo commands against any code changes (PRs, pushes, etc):

  • check - Check a local package and all of its dependencies for errors
  • test - Execute all unit and integration tests and build examples of a local package
  • fmt - This utility formats all bin and lib files of the current crate using rustfmt
  • clippy - Checks a package to catch common mistakes and improve your Rust code

Here's how to use it

  • go to my template:
  • click on the "Use this template" button
  • fill out the project details using the new project wizard
  • clone your new project
  • cd to your project
  • initialise the project using cargo init --vcs none or copy files from your existing Rust project
  • commit and push your changes up to GitHub
  • sit back and relax as GitHub Actions will now perform checks against any code changes submitted to your new Rust project

If you're wondering why I don't include any Rust scaffolding, it's because cargo already does a great job of providing this. I didn't want to perform updates as changes occur to the new project process owned by cargo.

As an added bonus you also get Rust's dual license of MIT and Apache v2!

I'd love to know what you think of this template. :)

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