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Mark Sta Ana
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GitHub Actions: Rust edition

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I'm on a bit of a GitHub Actions deep dive this weekend. I tried GitHub's starter workflow for Rust but I was disappointed to discover the macOS virtual environment doesn't have the Rust toolchain.

Luckily the folks at action-rs have you covered. They've developed a bunch of actions for Rust's toolchain. All your favourites are there including Clippy!

Why do I need Rust on macOS? I like to test my code across as many platforms as possible. You can use a job strategy in your workflow to achieve this.

There's a handy quickstart guide on the action-rs "meta" GitHub repo.

p.s. Can you tell I'm super excited about GitHub Actions? Doing a lot of squeeing at the moment despite coming across the odd quirk.
p.p.s. There's a rather excellent blog post about the action-rs project by one of the main authors of action-rs:

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Maximilian Burszley

CI/CD built into your SCM is a good feeling. I haven't signed up for the beta yet, but what do they use to orchestrate? I'm kind of tired of writing Jenkinsfiles and YAML.

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Mark Sta Ana

it's not clear what they're running under the hood, but they do have the concept of build agents or in GitHub parlance "virtual environments" running on either Azure or MacStadium (depending on what you're building)