How Did You Get Into Programming?

bramleydev profile image Anthony Bramley ・1 min read

Hey guys!
I'm sure this question has been asked many times before, but how did you get into programming? I've explained my story here already, but now I want to hear yours.
Some potential response points:

  • How old you were when you started
  • How much it affected the rest of your programming career

That's all I got! Make sure you check my account again on Wednesday for another discussion post!

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Naresh Poonia

My story is not as inspiring as yours, in fact, is completely opposite to it.
While you started at 8, I did at 30, while you are making your own language, I am still struggling to get a better understanding of Javascript, While you can write a quality paper in a short time & proofread it as you go, writing doesn't come that naturally to me.
Still, if you want to know my story it is here.

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I've started programming when I was 11
And started with HTML, and then I got bored, so I decided to learn a new language, I learned python and js.
And now I am a full stack developer.