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Bluetooth devices that change healthcare

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Technology is essential to support patients and medical staff in managing chronic diseases. Learn more about healthcare diagnostics devices that shape the future of telehealth.

What is the role of mobile devices in healthcare?

There are lots of devices that we have seen at doctor’s offices that – thanks to Bluetooth connection and dedicated applications – have turned into patient’s remote monitoring systems. Also, healthcare startups create more and more wearable healthcare devices that enable continuous monitoring of patients.

COVID-19 pandemic has shown that telemedicine is crucial in answering future medical challenges that are around us. New technologies give patients the tools to consciously manage their condition. They help medical staff to take care of more patients without using some extra time to individually examine each of them. The devices can monitor the patient’s condition. Then the app helps to analyse the data. In the end, the doctor can start the treatment according to the data provided by the algorithm behind the health application.

Examples of healthcare devices

Check out devices that are part of the digital transformation in healthcare.

Pulse oximeter

Pulse oximeter

  • It monitors the oxygen saturation of the patient’s blood.

  • It displays the percentage of blood loaded with oxygen.

  • The device has become popular during the pandemic because it is a fast and simple method to calculate the risk of COVID-19 infection.

  • For our client – vCare, we connect oximeters with a dedicated app that process the data about the patient’s oxygen saturation and analyse them. We’ve developed an algorithm that verifies if the patient’s condition requires any ambulance assistance. Also, the data about the patient saturation can be sent to a doctor who monitors the condition of the patient.

Bluetooth Thermometer

Bluetooth Thermometer

  • Another healthcare device that has become crucial during the pandemic.

  • Modern thermometer devices not only read a patient's temperature remotely but also send the data to the app that evaluates them.

  • This is another device which, connected to the app via Bluetooth, enables a telehealth remote patient monitoring.



  • It is a well-known blood pressure monitor.

  • Modern versions of these devices can connect to the app which enables sending the data about blood pressure to the medical staff.



  • It measures the volume of air inhaled and exhaled by human’s lungs.

  • It’s another device that helps to diagnose COVID-19 infection.

  • Apart from that, it tests lung functionality, reasons for shortness of breath and other issues related to breathing.

  • Modern hand-held spirometers can be used by patients on a daily basis.

  • It is a helpful tool especially for patients with chronic diseases like asthma who have to monitor their condition every day. Thanks to the app connected with the device they can read the metrics and often even contact the doctor who monitors them as well.



  • Known as the number one of doctor’s gadgets, it can now be used remotely by other caregivers at care homes and nursing homes.

  • It enables real-time and remote medical examinations that don’t have to be conducted by doctors. Caregivers not only can record a patient’s beating heart but even “broadcast” it live to the doctor.

  • Digital stethoscopes gather a very unique set of data which must be verified by doctors. Bluetooth connection enables transferring the data to an app which analyses them and informs a doctor about the results.

Wearable continuous monitoring devices

Wearable continuous monitoring device

  • That’s the future of remote patient monitoring.

  • Patients wear a device for example on their arm and doctors as well as caregivers can monitor the vital signs in real-time, 24 hours a day.

  • These types of devices are especially beneficial for older patients because they are easy to use. Patients just have to wear it and have the app around.

  • They help to prevent circulatory diseases that are a leading cause of death globally.

These are the examples of healthcare devices which our team at Bright Inventions works with. Most devices seem to be typical doctor’s “gadgets” but thanks to dedicated software they’ve turned into some powerful healthcare tools.

Gathering data from these devices isn’t really a challenge. The challenge is to develop the right algorithm that will not only analyse the data but will respond with the solution that may save a life. Healthcare apps that we create can instruct patients and caregivers to call an ambulance. An app can even set up a phone call to 911 and the patient just needs to click to start it.

If you are looking for a healthcare software development company, make sure that the software team that you are about to hire have deep knowledge about software development as well as experience in hardware. These two elements are crucial in terms of developing solutions for telehealth.

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