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Is there any free open source code for mobile apps like Uber?

Yes, there are many open-source codes available for mobile apps like Uber. But it would not be equivalent to the paid product that mainly depends on tech support, quality, on-time delivery, etc.

We have built our own new product Wooberly — Uber clone with the 100% source code, latest technologies Flutter.

Wooberly suits best for you to build an on-demand business like Uber with the new technology Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by google to build iOS, Android and web applications using a single code base.

Specialties in Wooberly

Single codebase
It is useful to launch apps on both platforms at a time that helps to add many new features simultaneously and also time-consuming.

Rapid development
Hot Reload allows you to analyze and change the code within a fraction of seconds that accelerate the development process and gives a better experience.

A perfect solution for MVP
It serves as the best choice for developing MVP. It helps reach the market at a rapid speed, saves development costs and it will provide native-like performance.

Elevating performance
Complying directly to native code by using dart. Hence, there is no need for bridges between apps and platforms. It automatically helps speed up startup time and improves performance.

Features of wooberly

Driver features:

Registration — A driver can sign into the Uber clone platform with ease.

Payout method — Drivers have the option to receive their payment via cash and Stripe payment gateway.

Multi-Currency and language — Drivers can choose any international currency and language.

Trips — View the upcoming and completed trips. Browse receipts and messages from there.

Driver’s status — A driver can switch their online and offline status by a toggle.

Push notifications — Get real-time updates of bookings and location tracking of the rider making it easier to know better.

Rider features:

Registration — It includes a simple registration process with the Twilio SMS gateway for confirmation.

Diverse vehicle options — Wooberly provides various vehicle selection options like auto, micro, etc. A rider can select any of the vehicles based on their needs and requirements.

Live tracking — Track and monitor every moment of the driver to know the exact location of the driver.

Multiple payment options — Multiple payment options for riders to pay their entire ride charge via card, cash or wallet

Fare estimate— A rider gets an appropriate fare for their entire ride depends on their ride distance and mode of the vehicle.

Push notifications — Riders will get live rapid updates regarding their trip details.

Multifarious language/ currency option — Provides information and payments in more than one language and currencies.

Now get ready to start your on-demand business with an open-source code of Wooberly.

P.S. I am part of the RadicalStart team. Feel free to reach us at and clarify your doubts regarding our product.

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Iqbal Dashti • Edited

Dear RadicalStart, probably i have boiught 3 clone and 1 didicated developer company to develop taxi app for me.
appdupe is the last one took y money 2300 in advance payment to give me thier crupt app. now my business got crashed and website not operating. Now i see this appsource i hope its help me to have my business back. if you think the same way please provide me the source code.