Byte Sized Episode 4: Edsger Dijkstra and His Famous Algorithm

Vaidehi Joshi on September 12, 2019

Today's episode of Byte Sized is about Edsger Dijkstra, and his algorithmic work For a more in-depth look at Dijkstra's algorithm, check out this ... [Read Full]
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Love this video! For some reason I get overly-goofy when it comes to Dijkstra and A*.

I really need to stop being lazy and post up the game grid web component I'm playing with, which uses Dijkstra to returns all locations reachable by a character considering terrain.

Thank you for the videos! More, please ;-)


These are great! Love the concise way you explain things 💯


This is great, love the sound effects. :D



Props for using a canning jar as a drinking vessel. I do the same!

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