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Just Finished my 1st #100daysOfCode Challenge

124 days ago I started #100daysOfCode challenge. With the help of a goal tracker app I have been able to track my daily progress - the screenshot above.
I only missed to code for only 24 days and those are the days that I felt like not touching my laptop and needed to rest.
But it has been a great journey of learning alot.


What I learned in those 100 days:

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Tailwind css

  • Ruby

  • SQLite

  • Creating Backend API using Ruby, SQLite, Active record, Sinatra

I won't say I am a pro in these Languages but I can create a small to medium project, and ofcourse I'm still continuing to master them. And I'm proud of my progress.

Next step

I will restart the challenge and within those 100 days this is what I'm planning to do:

  • Rails Framework

  • PostgreSql db

  • Continue expanding my knowledge in the languages that I have been learning.

Wishing myself a good luck!

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Jakub T. Jankiewicz

Nice, when I've skipped one day I've give up because I didn't wanted to start over. Continue the challenge would be like cheating in my option. Great that you don't feel that way and you continue codding.

Note that in my case I work full time as developer so for me the challenge was after work and related to my Open Source projects.

catevee profile image

From my experience, you can't be consistent for 100 days straight. You could be having some other things to do or events that won't allow you to code that day. Take that as a break and when you are back continue from where you left. It's not cheating 😂

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Jasur Kurbanov

Share your study plan with resources you used to learn

catevee profile image

I have access to a coding bootcamp content here in my country and that's what I'm using as my resources together with the study plan. But basically I started with

  • HTML,CSS, & Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • React -Ruby & SQLite,
  • And next will be Rails. All these topics are divided into 3 weeks each, whereby you study for 2 weeks and on the 3rd week you build a project from what you have learned.
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Mohammad Javed

That's great, you need a rest from coding to avoid burnout, so that would have done you more good than harm. Keep on learning. 👍

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Tip Season

Good luck Cate

catevee profile image

Thank you.