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Discussion on: 6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten

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Chrissy Wainwright

Something else that is almost necessary to ensure success is for your company to help facilitate remote employees.

Things like:

  • Keeping conversations that involve remote employees in Slack instead of in-person.
  • Regular video calls. We have a daily developers meeting, and a weekly team meeting. I've been surprised how much you can pick up a person's mannerisms over video call. It means I've gone a couple years without meeting coworkers in person without realizing it, because I already feel like I know them.
  • Schedule time to get to know each other. Our weekly team meeting involves each person sharing three personal wins from the last week, something that was learned, and status on a habit you're working to develop. The meeting is also a chance to get updates on things happening in the company.
  • Regularly bringing all remote employees into the office for an event.
  • Encourage pair-programming with screen sharing. Since those of us remote can't just walk up to another employee to ask a question, we regularly hop on Zoom to do a screen share and talk through a problem.
  • A shared calendar for everyone to post when they will be out of the office.

I'm sure there's more, but these are a few things our company does that I feel really help me to feel involved.

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Chrissy Wainwright

Oh, and I also have the same problem of being in a different time zone. I have trained my coworkers to always add a timezone when they write a date

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Ben Halpern

Yeah absolutely. +1 on all of this.

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Josh Smith

I use a Text Expander snippet so I never forget to add the Time Zone. My snippet even knows when PSD changes to PST.